Opposition numbers for incinerators like 7x7=42…

2023-08-10 19:46:36Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Note: That the opposition does not have a good relationship with numbers, this is known since Lulzim Basha multiplied seven by seven on the floor of the Assembly and the result was 42.

But what was not known until now was the level of hysteria with the figures of what he calls the theft of the century with incinerators. As an example, for the Tirana incinerator, the opposition initially declared that 128 million euros were being stolen, referring to the figure that the concessionaire company undertakes in the contract to invest until the complete completion of the plant.

Then, the figure is reduced to 49 million euros to suddenly increase again to 400 million euros, then 750 million euros, and now the figure of 900 million euros comes out of Berisha's mouth.

In order to understand this instability of the opposition with the figures in the denunciation of the incinerators, it is necessary to examine and understand the period when these figures are pronounced. As an example, Sali Berisha uttered the figure of 400 million euros after he was declared non grata by the USA, while Lulzim Basha when he was accused of the dossier of lobbying with Russian money in Washington.

Today, he is pronouncing the 900 million euro figure amid accusations that his son, Shkëlzen Berisha, is behind the tower designed to be built in the flower garden behind the Opera and Ballet Theater and suspicions of hiding a villa in Lundre.

Therefore, more than a strategy to denounce a corrupt affair, the opposition's game with numbers for incinerators is a strategy to fade and cover up its own atrocities in public. Why? The reason is simply that none of the opposition figures are reflected in the SPAK file for the Tirana incinerator, through which the preventive seizure of the plant was decided.

What is reflected in SPAK is a figure of 4 million euros, which the special prosecutor suspects was appropriated in violation of the law. This is the only official figure of the suspected abuse of the Tirana incinerator that SPAK is investigating.

The rest are forced calculations of the type 7x7=42…

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