Journalist: How the fuel labeling concession was extended by one year and the threads related to Shkëlzen Berisha

2023-08-12 12:00:04Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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The Albanian government has extended the fuel labeling concession from ten to eleven years and in this way the Albanians will have to pay another few million euros for this concession. The contract was signed by the government of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha in 2012, criticized by the Socialist Party, then in opposition, and was supposed to expire this year. Prime Minister Rama's government has not given public explanations on what grounds it has decided to extend the concession contract.

Meanwhile, the journalist Adriatik Doçi in a note on social networks reveals the long behind the scenes of this concession. Doçi has lined up all the connections of this concession to Shkëlzen Berisha.

Journalist Adriatik Doçi's writing:

While the controversies about the tower continue, a decision to extend the fuel marking concession to Shkëlzen Berisha's financier by one year is being passed in silence.

On August 9, the government signed the 1-year extension of the concession of Sali Berisha and Ridvan Bode for fuel marking.

In 2012, before leaving power a year later, Berisha awarded this concession to the company 'Global Fluids Internationals' (GFI), with a 39% profit rate.

The company puts an identifying chemical substance in fuels when they enter Albania from import and then performs analysis at fuel stations to report to customs whether or not there is unbranded fuel on the market. Albanians pay over 15 million euros per year for this service.

The concession was denounced as a corrupt affair by the socialists in the opposition at that time, but also during the first years of power, but they showed the impossibility of cancellation due to arbitration.

Behind the concession stood Ismail Mulleti, a controversial businessman close to the Berisha Family, connected to the Democratic Party's Shqiponja company, with former administrator Tritan Shehu, a company which was used to supply Milosevic with oil, breaking the Western embargo.

Suddenly Mulleti also became the owner of Taiwan, which he sold to a Greek citizen for 750 thousand dollars, who sold it 3 months later for twice the purchase price.

Ismail Mulleti and Assaf Halkin are initially beneficial owners of the company GFI ALBANIA. Then, to lose track, the company passed through several hands, today in the hands of the Turkish Nerve Korkmaz, who controls GFI through two companies in Switzerland.

The concession, until 2022, was controlled by Mulleti and Assaf Halkin. In February 2022, in the register of final beneficiaries of the company GFI Albania, the citizen Ismail Mulleti leaves and Nerve Korkmaz, who was the honorary consul of Albania in Izmir, Turkey, is registered as the final beneficiary.

Ismail Mulleti, involved in the "Panama Papers" scandal, is one of Shkëlzen Berisha's financiers.

Before receiving the concession, Ismail Mulleti transferred 350,000 euros to Shkëlzen Berisha's accounts through two bank transfers.

On June 22, 2012, Mulleti transferred 200,000 euros to the account of Shkëlzen Berisha, after Shkëlzen had found them to buy some land in the village of Rinia in Durrës.

It seems that the 'service' is a camouflage for a corruption charge, as later Prime Minister Shkëlzen's father, Sali Berisha, would give Mullet the 10-year fuel branding concession.

It is a classic episode of corruption and the use of power for family enrichment by Sali Berisha, just as it motivated the declaration non grata for corruption by the United States of America.

From the report, there are strong doubts that Shkëlzeni was the actual owner of the concession.

However, the government of Edi Rama, instead of denouncing the concession in SPAK, extends it by 1 year!