The rams don't cover the 'dishonour' of the opposition with the tower

2023-08-11 15:37:53Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Edi Rama / Sali Berisha and Shkëlzen Berisha

Note: The sheet that Edi Rama made since morning on his Facebook, as if to show the opposition's virginity, made media and portals close to the opposition happy. The prime minister's reaction was rarely received by the media near Berisha and reflected as irreconcilable proof that behind the tower in the opera and ballet theatre garden there is no Sali Berisha, or his son, Shkëlzeni.

Perhaps this was also the intention of the Prime Minister, to draw from the sting of silence and theoretical reaction, without arguments and facts that the same media presented to be forcing these days to counter the monstrous accusation that the tower was the symbol of the election purchase by Edi Rama.

Those who have followed the debate these days know very well that it would be excessive naivety to ask Edi Rama, that on a morning of the eve of the weekend, he would stand up and etch on social networks a sheet to admit that the tower was Sali Berisha's and that was the price at which he bought the opposition before May 14.

It would be naive, because if Rama were to accept this, then he had nothing but resignation, as his firm was granted permission to build this tower. However, the post itself with selected language, full of dialectical, over-extended sentences with a targeted focus on anti-tower protesters, essentially acknowledges that the Tower, if not Sali Berisha's, is the bridge of his power to Sali Berisha.

Unlike arlind Qor of the Movement Together and Lulzim Basha, Rama avoids any impliedness, or reference to link the reaction to Sali Berisha. Both Qori and Basha and deputies of the official DP have denounced the tower as a symbol of corruption and buying the opposition cause.

Outside the mark of Rama, there are no journalists or media that have given voice to the protest, or raised questions and doubts about its real ownership. He accuses them of opening the mudbags to feed listeners and readers with rumors, but without bringing any evidence, or indicies, to prove otherwise.

While neither Rama nor the company, which the Prime Minister says is being attacked with unfairness, prove the opposite of those accused of ownership, the allegations cannot remain mere rumors...

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