"After they killed their friend, they also went to his funeral", the journalist confesses the terrible interception: I was surprised

2023-10-02 23:45:28Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Journalist Elton Qyno

Journalist Elton Qyno has confessed while he was invited to the show Top Story one of the scariest interceptions.

"At least as far as I've read we're not on all the files. Also due to investigative secrecy, the most serious conversation is when Gjin Goriçi was killed, the parties, after preparing and carrying out the crime, go to his funeral the next day. They are interested in playing the role of Cassandra as if nothing had happened, while they themselves were the main protagonists.

In the meantime, they went to the police and were interested in special persons who were the A of that investigation, starting with the director and deputy director of the police of Shkodra, talking and trying to pass the ball to the other side. It was a very mean, very cynical conversation that after all they had killed their friend, they had not killed an opposing character or an individual who had brought them trouble.

They had killed Gjin Boriçi, whom they had used in a murder in Shkodër, and after all he had worked for them. I know that prosecutor, maybe Xhefahir Lita follows us in the prison where he is, but I was surprised ," said Qyno.