He was "crucified" after telling about the "VIP erotic video", Karamuço reacts: The secret hand of organized crime is putting me in a position! Trying...

2023-10-02 22:02:51Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ervin Karamuço

Criminalistics expert Ervin Karamuço has reacted for the first time after criticism towards him, after he discovered that an erotic video of one of the most popular women of Albanian "showbiz" was circulating on the phones of journalists and other celebrities.

Immediately after Karamuço's statement, it was hinted on social networks that it was about a video of the well-known moderator Luana Vjollca. Some even went further, alluding that the video came from Ervis Martinaj's phone, which is seized at SPAK.

Reactions from the community of journalists and not only, were immediate and in some cases even critical towards their colleague Karamuço. It was said that the video did not come from SPAK, even more so from Martinaj's phone. It was even said that the video is not authentic at all but a montage.

Regarding this whole controversial situation, Karamuço himself reacted. In the show "Top Story" with the moderator Grida Duma, the security expert addressed this topic, saying that the mess after his statement was created by the "hidden hand of organized crime" that is trying to put him in a difficult position.

Karamuço said that as he discovered the details of the circulating video, he did not mention the name of the character, nor the phone or the source from which the video leaked. Speculation according to him is made by those who want to shift attention.

"In Albania there is a big secret hand, made up of members of organized crime. Since we talk about "SKY" they want to shift the attention. When I talk about this phenomenon, without mentioning names or connections, this secret hand stages something putting me in a difficult position.

They edit your video and say look, this is the one that's not the most reliable. He is the one who really lies, cheats. They denigrate talking figures. It is absolutely not necessary for us to deal with small things that do not belong to this attention. This hidden hand finds it easier to extract things for consumption with the little ones, and has a much harder time with judges and prosecutors. It has been misused and I point the finger at this secret hand of organized crime", said Karamuço, among other things.