"They killed their friend", the journalist shows the most "cruel" conversation on the "SKY" mobsters' application

2023-10-02 21:30:20Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The analysis of the coded messages of the SKY application revealed how one of the most dangerous criminal groups in Albania worked, leading to the arrest of several important characters from the world of crime, the police and even the handcuffing of a prosecutor.

As part of the "Metamorphosis" operation, the senior police official Oltian Bistri, the businessman Pëllumb Gjoka, the former officer Ardit Hasanbegaj, Asmer Bilali, Edmond Preka and others were handcuffed.

Asked on the show "Top Story" by the moderator Grida Duma, what was the most serious conversation that this group had carried out on the "Sky" application, journalist Elton Qyno, said that it was about a conversation when the perpetrators of the murder of Gjin Boriçi, they had discussed how they would go to the funeral.

Qyno said that the perpetrators were friends with Boric and had used him in an earlier case.

"The most serious conversation is when Gjin Boriçi was killed, that the protagonists of this murder also go to the funeral. And the next day they were interested in the police to pass the blame to the other party. It was a vile and cynical conversation, because after all they had killed their friend, Gjin Boriçi, who they had used in another murder, he had worked for them", said Qyno.

The journalist said that the conversations of the Kukes prosecutor, Xhevahir Lita, are serious in nature, as a man of justice becomes a tool of crime.

"There are other conversations of the prosecutor, I have known that prosecutor for years. But when I read the conversations about Bajri and Gjoka, it seems as if the sacred pedal of the prosecutor was hung at Bajri's house. I know him, but honestly I was quite disappointed", he said.