"Death business team", Artan Hoxha tells why Laert Haxhiu's group planned the murder of two female prosecutors

2023-10-02 21:50:53Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Artan Hoxha tells why Laert Haxhiu's group planned the murder of two female prosecutors

Artan Hoxha was invited to the show "The Unexposed", where he talked about some information that came to light after the confessions of Marjus (Artan) Tafani, about Laert Haxhiu's criminal group and the plans for the elimination of two female prosecutors.

Hoxha said that the prosecutor of SPAK, Doloreza Musabelliu and the prosecutor of Lushnja, Merita Selimi, were targeted by the killers after successfully investigating their crimes, but the plans of the members of the group remained just that, fortunately not being in implementation also due to the fact that the group was weakened as a result of the attacks by the authorities.

"This is a squad of the business of death that has been operating for more than a decade. It has carried out many serious events. What has been revealed are the things that Marjus (Artan) Tafani has shown, who has only been with these two years There are also serious events that can lead us to those large drug trafficking organizations.

This story also showed something else, that Albania cannot fight such syndicates of organized crime with local police.

The person, Marjus Tafani, was caught in a hotel at the entrance of Lushnje, he was with his girlfriend, consuming narcotics. The person who was caught was brought to Tirana and considering the evidence against him, he agreed to cooperate. In record time, he was talking and being taken to the scene. He spoke about people who investigated previous crimes of the group, the prosecutors and judges, who investigated the crimes against Laert Haxhiu.

So Laert Haxhiut has had several investigations, he was caught with heroin, he was caught for murder, he got out. The Lushnja massacre where two people were killed has been investigated. It was investigated by Merita Selimi and then passed to SPAK. At the moment SPAK passed the investigation, the prosecutor Doloreza Musabelliu took over the investigation, a prosecutor who investigates organized crime and has been successful so far in very important cases".

In the investigations against Laert Haxhiu and his two friends, Orgest Bilbili and Anterio Kaloshi, both of these people, there was a lot of pressure on the police, the prosecution, the court, to get lighter sentences, but the prosecution asked for life sentences. With the legislation that Albania has today, the person who is not arrested, the case is dismissed. Laert Haxhiu goes to life imprisonment. To avoid this, they tried to put pressure. They thought that the prosecutors were an obstacle. They shot two ladies. From the statements of Marjus Tafani, he told about conversations that were held to prepare a blow against the prosecutors and possibly their family members. This remained in the framework of a conversation between them. It is not proven yet whether they followed those steps.

During this time, other members of the group were caught, Haxhiu was arrested in Greece and the group in Albania was disbanded. He gave them as statements. The fact that they were in the application for judgment is, of course, a very serious matter. I also find the opportunity to encourage you for the way they investigated and did not give up. Look at how many crimes they have committed, who they haven't killed. There were other circumstances that influenced the action not to go further.

If the group would continue with the same intensity, they could have more. Prosecutors are not protected by the bodyguard, but by the halo. There have been many cases of threats against judges and prosecutors. There was also a case in Fier that the judge was held by the legs. In other groups, we have seen that judges and prosecutors have been corrupted, while in this particular case the option was seen to hit them because they were not bought. This has been a flurry of suspicious things, now we have one of the contract killers starting to talk. I wish that they also bring out the murder of Skerdilajd Konomi", said Hoxha.