One is accused of drug trafficking, the other broke the leg of the 23-year-old, who are the problematic sons of the former Police Director, Erzen Breçani

2023-11-21 11:21:30Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Erzen and Jehon Breçani

After an extensive SPAK investigation, Eralbi Breçani, the son of the former Police Director, Erzen Breçani, is wanted by the Police, as he is accused of international drug trafficking and money laundering.

Erzen Breçani himself was arrested yesterday, as he was entering the Air Albania stadium to watch the match of the national team.

The former number 1 of the Tirana Police is expected to clarify his knowledge of SPAK's accusations.

But in fact, the name of Erzen Breçan has not always been curved for the better. A few years ago his other son was involved in a serious incident, but surprisingly it was closed and forgotten with no one convicted.

On June 10, 2021, Erzen Breçani's little son caused a fatal accident. He hit 24-year-old Xhesina Gega with a "Mercedez Benz" car, type AMG, with license plate "AA 888 XX" on "Xhanfize Keko" street in Tirana and left quickly.

The girl ended up in the trauma hospital where she also lost one of her legs.

The collision was strong and the identification of the 23-year-old woman was made with great difficulty due to her injuries. Jehon Breçani lost control of the car and collided first with the wall, then with a tree and then hit the 23-year-old woman who was on the sidewalk.

But what happened next? The police arrested the young man, he went to court, spent 2 weeks in prison and then, the Court of Tirana, even though the Prosecutor's Office requested prison arrest and not "house arrest", he managed to get out of this story unscathed .

One is accused of drug trafficking, the other broke the leg of the 23-year-old,
Jehon Breçani and the accident girl

"It turns out that from the collected facts, the injuries caused to the victim from the first moment of the incident were very serious, which made it mandatory to send her to the Trauma Hospital, while it was also established that as a result of due to the strong collision, the young woman who had the accident lost one of her lower limbs, causing a permanent limb to the extent of 1/3 of her general ability.

Referring to the circumstances of the event, the driver of the vehicle was not respecting the traffic rules.

This criminal offense for which the 19-year-old is accused is considered to be of high risk, and the relevant legal provisions determine imprisonment from 1 to 5 years", argued the Prosecution in the request to the court. But the request was dismissed and Jehon Breçani regained his freedom.

Was there an attempt to favor the son of the former police director? We cannot say this for sure, but it is doubtful whether the court would have been so generous if there was a man without influence in the cage.