Revenge for 'BOLIN' against Vis MARTINAJT: What Erzen Breçani said about the disappearance of the 'KING' made you cry!

2023-11-21 11:05:26Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Erzen Breçani/ Ervis Martinaj/ Ervin Mata

New details from the arrest of the head of Serious Crimes, Dedan Gjoni , who in cooperation with the well-known crime figure in Kukës, Bujar Gërmizi (Ajeti) and the citizen Besmir Mustati , were planning the murder of two brothers in Britain.

It is reported that the cause is the clash for drug trafficking and that this SPAK operation is being developed in parallel in Spain for the capture of the suspected perpetrators of the criminal group.

In the meantime, it is learned that Bujar Gërmizi was escorted from Kukësi to the Police Department of Tirana under strict security measures.

Erzen Breçan has a relationship with Ervin Mata , as the son of the former director of the Tirana Police is in a relationship with the businessman's sister.

Meanwhile, plans to kill opponents took place between 2019-2020 in Durrës, Belgium and the Netherlands .

In addition to the breakdown of the bargains for drug shipments, the reason for the plans for crimes was also that of the collision and feud between Ervis Martini ( much wanted and with two security measures in the absence of arrest and imprisonment ) and Ervin Mata (wanted ).

Invited to a TV show 1 year ago , the former director of the Police, Erzen Breçani , speaking about Martinaj's disappearance, claimed that the investigation should start from the murder.

Erzen Breçani : The investigation into the disappearance of Evis Martinaj should start from the murder since his entire group was killed, these are elements of organized crime. This investigation into his disappearance will take an extremely long time, the state does not take this event seriously

We remind you that the former deputy director of the Tirana police during the Berisha government, Erzen Breçani, was arrested on the evening of November 20, after a SPAK operation, where 11 arrest warrants were issued.

At the time of the arrest, Breçani was near the " Air Albania " stadium together with Dedan Gjon, Chief of Crimes at Police Station No. 6 in Tirana.

They had booked tickets to see the national team's match with the Faroe Islands, the last match for the European qualifiers.

 At that moment, together with Brecan, Dedan Gjoni was also arrested. Several charges have been brought against the crime boss for serious criminal offenses, one of which is that of providing the conditions to commit murder.

While Breçani and his son, Eralbi Breçani , are accused of supporting the perpetrator of the crime and money laundering.

Of the 11 arrest warrants issued by SPAK, 6 have been executed and 5 are being sought, including Ervin Mata, a well-known name in justice./ VoxNews