SPAK operation/ An officer of the border directorate is also arrested (NAME)

2023-11-20 22:17:38Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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An officer of the border directorate who was put in handcuffs by the police this evening, following the order issued by SPAK. It is about the officer Jonida Babameto.

SPAK has arrested the Chief of Crimes of Commissariat number 6 in Tirana, Dedan Gjoni.

SPAK is conducting an action, where it has issued 11 arrest warrants who are accused of several charges of money laundering, structured criminal group, drug trafficking, providing conditions to commit murder, abuse of office and supporting the perpetrator of the crime.

Among the arrested are also 7 police officers. From the preliminary information, it is suspected that this operation is the second phase of the 'Metamorfoza' operation, which previously revealed a series of criminal events where several police officers, businessmen, and state police leaders were arrested.