NAMES/ DETAILS from the SPAK operation, "FORTI" of Kukës and the "CHIEF" of the police tried to kill 2 brothers, who was "spying"?

2023-11-21 09:45:36Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Dedan Gjoni/ Jonida Babameto/ Bujar Germizi

New details have been revealed by the operation of the Special Prosecutor's Office, SPAK, from which former senior police officials, or current leaders of law enforcement structures in Albania, have been handcuffed.

Besmir Mustafi, Bujar Germizi and Dedan Gjoni are among those arrested, who were notified this Tuesday, November 21, for participating in a criminal group. Bujar Germizi and Besmir Mustafi have cooperated with the head of crimes in police station number 6, Dedan Gjoni, to attempt the murder of 2 brothers who live in Great Britain.

Meanwhile, Jonida Babameto , an officer of the Directorate of Borders and Immigration who was also arrested as part of this operation, is said to have given information from the system about the 2 brothers who lived in Britain. It is suspected that the plan to kill the 2 brothers was made after conflicts over drug trafficking.

Bujar Gërmizi , who is considered the strongman of Kukës, is suspected of having helped Nuredin Dumani, who even though he was looking to cross the border point of Morina several times entering the territory of Kosovo and vice versa without problems.

The investigations carried out up to this stage by the SPAK special prosecutor's office have revealed that Bujar Gërmizi is the man who, through his interventions in the border police officers, enabled Nuredin Dumani to cross the border without a problem, even though he was looking for some murders.

"...after I identified where I was, the police surrounded my palace, with the intention of arresting me. I braided my hair, changed my look and went straight out of the apartment. I just went through the police. They saw me, but they were not sure and I continued, ran away..." - stated Nuredin Dumani.

From there, Duman left by car in the direction of Prizren, and there he got a taxi driver who took him to Morina. Again, the much-wanted man agreed with another taxi driver for 40 euros, claiming that he had lost his identity card and could he pass it through customs.

As Dumani tells the prosecution, the taxi driver agreed and crossed the border point, without any control. At this moment, sources of the SPAK special prosecution say that Duman was helped by Bujar Gërmizi, who is known in Kukës as a person with a reputation in the world of crime and influence on the local police.

As soon as he crossed the border, Dumani wrote to Henrik Hoxha to come out to meet him in Milot, as he was coming to this area in a private black taxi.

The meeting between the two friends took place in Milot. While then they left together in the direction of Lezha and from there to the area of ??the former block in Tirana.