NAMES/ They appeared in the "SKY ECC" interceptions, who are the 4 wanted by SPAK!

2023-11-21 10:08:32Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ervin Mata

The names of 5 people wanted by SPAK, after the breakdown of the SKY ECC application, four of them are suspected to be hiding in Spain, where the operation is continuing there as well.

Meanwhile, the businessman Ervin Mete, a well-known name in justice, is also wanted, after the clash he had with the gambling boss, Ervis Martinaj, in a bar in the former Block in 2018.

In search

Ervin Mata

Besmir Murat

Artan Sulejmani

Albert Prenga

Bajram Grabova

The SKY app has busted another criminal group. SPAK has issued 11 arrest warrants, which were executed on Monday in the capital, where senior police officials were handcuffed.

Among those arrested is Dedan Gjoni, head of crimes at the police station number 6.

Ervin Mata has been declared wanted as part of this operation, against whom a security measure has been issued.

Among those arrested as part of the extensive operation of the Special Prosecutor's Office, there is also an official of the State Police.


- Erzen Breçani , former director of the Tirana Police

- Eralbi Breçani, son of Erzen Breçani

- Dedan Gjoni , Chief of Crimes at Police Station number 6

- Jonida Babameto , officer of the Border and Immigration Directorate

- Besmir Mustafi

- Bujar Germizi , a well-known name of the underworld in Kukës