Close the files of Berisha, Shkëlzen and Basha, KPA dismisses the judge!

2024-04-25 11:02:16Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Sali Berisha/ Lazër Sallaku/ Lulzim Basha

The Special Appeals Commission (KPA) has upheld the decision to dismiss judge Lazer Sallaku , who closed the sensational files against Lulzim Basha, Sali Berisha, Shkëlzen Berisha, Ridvan Boden and Genc Rulin.

The judicial panel of the KPA, consisting of Rezarta Schuetz, chairperson, Mimoza Tasi, relator, Albana Shtylla, Ina Rama, Natasha Mulaj, members, upheld the decision of the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) on May 25, 2023, for dismissal from office of Lazer Sallak.

The judge of Tirana was found to have problems with the property. Among the problematic findings of the Vetting Commission, the main one was a 40,000 euro gift from the former mother-in-law.

In 2012, Sallaku declared assets in the name of his second wife, Alma Sallaku.

According to the jury, the former mother-in-law did not have the financial means to donate 40,000 euros to the judge's ex-wife. For his part, the judge said that, " The amount that was donated to the ex-wife by the mother was created before the marriage, in 2004, and I had no rights over that value. That donation should not have been related to the revaluation process ."

The sensational files closed by Lazer Sallaku

The name of the Tirana judge is related to the closing of the Russian lobbying file of Lulzim Basha and the closing of the CEZ file, with over 400 million euros cost to the state budget, where the former prime minister Sali Berisha, his son Shkëlzen Berisha, the key realtor were charged Nuel Kalaj, former ministers Ridvan Bode, Genc Ruli, Florion Mima, former deputy ministers, former directors, etc.

Lazer Sallaku has also participated in the retrial of the role of Sali Berisha's former bodyguard, Izet Haxhaj, in the murder of Azem Hajdar, considered the 'murder of the century'.

Haxhia was sentenced on February 11, 2022 to 21 years in prison as an accomplice in the murder of Azem Hajdari.

The decision states that the killing of Azem Hajdari is not political, but because of revenge, specifically to take revenge for the murder of Shkëlqim Haklaj. 

The verification process for Judge Sallaku started in June 2020. Lazër Sallaku was appointed a judge in the Court of Durrës on April 5, 2010, by decree of Bamir Topi, then President.

Sallak's name was proposed to Topi by the High Council of Justice four days before the appointment. At that time, Sallaku was an inspector at the High Council of Justice.

He exercised this duty since 2007. In December 2013, Sallaku was transferred to Tirana by decision of KLD, which at that time was headed by Bujar Nishani.