Part of the group that killed the former Anti-Drug police officer "DODA" in Elbasan, the Albanian is extradited from Britain! (The moment when Donald Hoxha arrives in Rinas)

2024-04-25 10:24:06Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Roland Rexhepi, otherwise known as "Doda"

A 34-year-old man convicted of murder in Albania was extradited this morning from Great Britain , where he was imprisoned some time ago.

Donald Hoxha was declared an international wanted by the Interpol Directorate, after the Court of the Elbasan Judicial District, has set the security measure, ' Imprisonment ', for the criminal offense of " Premeditated murder ", " Illegal possession and production of weapons and ammunition ".

He is accused that on 22.07.2009 in the city of Elbasan, in collaboration with the citizens Armand Llakaj and Marjus Tafaj, they killed the citizen, Roland Rexhepin, with firearms .

As a result of the cooperation of the Interpol Directorate, with Interpol Manchester/United Kingdom , his arrest in England became possible, being finalized with the extradition to our country.

Rexhepi, also known as "Doda", was executed with two Kalashnikov type weapons on the morning of July 22 near his apartment while he was going to the parking lot where he had his car.

Rexhepi held the position of chief of anti-drugs in Elbasan. 

The serious event was seen by dozens of residents of the "Vulnetari" neighborhood, who had just left their homes that morning to go to work.