The people of Elbasan move the revenge to Kosovo, the young man crushes a person with a car, the story of the fight between them!

2024-04-25 10:06:52Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ilir Osmani/Sergio Jonuzi

A serious event took place yesterday in Peja, where a young man from Elbasan lost his life.

Initially, the event was reported as an accident, that a car had hit a pedestrian to death. Yes, it seems that it is not an accidental event, but a revenge murder.

There was an early conflict between the victim Ilir Osmani and the suspected perpetrator Sergio Jonuzi , both from Elbasan. Osmani had burned down Jonuzi's apartment some time ago, the latter, as a sign of revenge, hit him with a car yesterday.

Kosovo media write that the persons in question have also had open conflicts in Albania. So, the police arrested Jonuzi, 23 years old, for the criminal offense of "serious murder with the intention of revenge".

Police notification:

The Regional Police Directorate in Pejë, dated 24.04.2024, at around 17:25, was notified that on the street "Agim Binak Qelaj" in Pejë, initially for a traffic accident, between a car and a pedestrian.

The police immediately responded to the scene and after initial investigations it was realized that it was not an accident, since the victim was hit by a car intentionally by the suspect, causing serious bodily injuries.

The victim was sent to the Regional Hospital in Peja, but the same could not cope with the injuries and the medical team declared the death of the victim: a citizen of the Republic of Albania

The suspect fled the scene, abandoning the car in another location.

The relevant units of the Regional Police Directorate in Peja, after an intensive operative investigative work, have managed to identify and arrest the suspect: SJ born in 2001, Citizen of the Republic of Albania.

After being interviewed by the Regional Sector Investigators, by order of the State Prosecutor, the suspect is detained for 48 hours for the criminal offense of "Serious Murder", while the victim's dead body is sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Pristina for an autopsy.