RAI 3 show, Rama answers the Italian moderator: You don't have the courage to face the truth

2024-04-25 10:00:55Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Edi Rama and Sigfrido Ranucci

Prime Minister Edi Rama has reacted again to Sigfrido Ranucci, the moderator of the show 'Report' on RAI 3.

Rama responded to the statements that Ranucci gave in an interview for Syri television.

Edi Rama's full reaction

Since yesterday during your speech on the same one-sided Albanian TV, already involved before the Report in spreading the same slander then imported to Italy by the Report, you would have said that it would be better to contact directly, here I am at direct contact. with you but in front of everyone's eyes, because with all the distortions of a single and simple truth that I had the misfortune, but also the luck, to live in my skin in the space of only 72 hours, I do not have the courage to communicate with him without witnesses .

It is a pity that instead of listening to my grandmother who said that you are wrong and human persistence is evil, she took another false step. But since in this case I am not the one who was wrong, I have the duty to persevere to honor the truth trampled under foot by that brutal report and not to give up in the defense of Albania and its institutions, including its role in the bilateral agreement with Italy, which has every right to criticize its program by bombing the government of its country, but it has no right to do so by defaming my country and the Albanian word.

It is also unfortunate that you compare my very civil phone call as a flawed part of your actions to the alleged Kremlin meddling in your program. At least out of respect for the Kremlin's victims, I wouldn't so easily compare the polonium used to censor unsuitable opponents to death with a phone call that happened after the censorship.

I am also sorry that you lied about a letter of protest that I notified the principal during the now very famous phone call, claiming that the letter has not yet arrived, when in fact I have never notified such a letter nor can I send it. . What I have never announced, limiting myself to observing a surreal event in his program, where first the requested answers are censored and then the censored are attacked for not answering.

Since we are on the facts, I am particularly sorry for your distortion of what you show as court documents regarding my brother, since these documents not only do not exist, but this is exactly what is the subject of a court complaint for defamation here in Albania. a circumstance that in an in-depth investigative broadcast as you claim to carry out, should at least be mentioned to avoid reproducing uncritically the stereotype of another era of the Albanian interested only in drugs and of an Albania corrupt from head to toe .

Finally, it is a pity that you do not have the courage to face the very simple reason for my call to your director, namely the request to clarify the reason for a lie presented not once, but twice, not only in Italy, but also in Albania, that is, that the General Secretary of the Council of Ministers had not responded to your request for clarification, which was then accompanied by a third lie that took the form of denying the first two by publishing the answers received only in streaming website, adding a fourth on court documents that don't exist.