The man got out of prison thanks to the criminal amnesty: I have no regrets, the woman had hacked the wood!

2024-04-25 10:51:29Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The man who benefited from the criminal amnesty

Thanks to the criminal amnesty, about 800 prisoners have gained their freedom today.

One of them is Berti, who was convicted of domestic violence in the Drenova prison in Korça.

Unlike many others who were welcomed by family members, Berti had no one to welcome him outside the prison premises.

He said that he will now start his life from the beginning, but it seems that he has no regrets at all for the violence he used against the woman, as he told the journalists "I do not regret that the woman had chopped the wood".

" I had no hope that they told me that amnesty does not apply to you. Then they told me to catch you and I was very happy. New life now, but very difficult. I do not regret that the woman had chopped the wood.

I did what I did, but I wouldn't do it again. Life in prison is very difficult. I had no difficulty working in the kitchen. Goca told me, don't worry, you have us. He didn't come today because he was alone ," he told "Euronews Albania".