Manjani: SPAK should "cut off the head" of that prosecutor who releases the investigative files to the public!

2023-10-03 09:16:15Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ylli Manjani

A strong statement came yesterday evening from the former Minister of Justice, Ylli Manjani , who spoke in harsh tones about the leakage of information from justice institutions.

Manjani said that anyone who releases the investigation file of a person, SPAK should " cut off his head " in the legal sense.

He stated in a show that people who reveal materials from files should not be tolerated.

" It has become an unacceptable spirit and it is neither in favor of justice, nor in favor of impartial investigations, nor in favor of information for the public.

The practice is that the investigation file materials are available to the public. This is unacceptable. The head, in the legal sense of the word, of a prosecutor who is the owner of that file, must fall once and for all to learn this story once and for all.

If SPAK has a job to do today, it is to stop legally cutting off the head of the prosecutor who is responsible for an investigative file , "said the former minister .