DP immediately attacks Bajram Begaj after the official candidacy for President, here is what they say about him

2022-06-03 21:09:19Politikë SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Bajram Begaj and the PD headquarters

The majority made official this afternoon the candidacy of Major General Bajram Begaj for the post of President of the Republic. He is expected to be voted tomorrow in the Assembly, but immediately after the formalization of the candidacy came the first reactions from the opposition.

The head of the National Council of the Democratic Party, at the same time MP, Edi Paloka has indicated that Democratic lawmakers will vote against him the next day in the Assembly. He kept his word earlier in the statements of "Rithemelimi" that they would not vote for any candidate of Rama to be in the post of head of state.

"We have made our position clear in time, there is a decision of the National Council on this issue; we do not vote for any candidate of Rama. "Tomorrow our deputies will be in the hall to vote against Rama's candidate", he told "News24".

But an even harsher reaction has come from Genc Pollo, who accuses Begaj of looting the naval bases of the Armed Forces.

"B. Begaj has direct moral, civil and criminal responsibilities for the extortion of the naval bases of the Armed Forces! He can not be President of the Republic !!! Nor Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces !!!" - Pollo writes on social networks.

There has also been a reaction from the group of deputies led by Enkelejd Alibeaj, who say that Bajram Begaj is a candidate predetermined by the state property mafia.

"No surprise from the personal process of Edi Rama for the election of the President of the Republic. Today he took out of his pocket the envelope with the name of the candidate nominated by the state property mafia.
The illegitimacy of this farce that we have warned of, even with a vote against, is the duty of every MP of the Opposition. another personal act to annihilate another independent constitutional institution.
The DP can not be in the session as a facade to legitimize the capture of the institution of the President, nor a witness of that process, as long as the result of the vote is known. "The DP cannot vote for a President who comes out of Edi Rama's pocket, outside of a comprehensive and transparent process.   "