OBSERVATION / Is SPAK preparing to wish the President of the Republic: Happy Bajram?

2023-03-13 18:18:13Patronazhisti SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Chief of Staff of the Albanian Army until two years ago, Happy Easter

MY SARANDE, MY DELVINË - It will always remain a mystery how Ahmet Arbenaj was able to have such a long political career. As Arbenaj himself claimed in the well-known show of the even more well-known journalist Fendi Ballziu, he is being beaten in vain, because his firm does not appear anywhere. Maybe that's why the Tall One took some pains to get rid of it. In the end, Arbenajn was not charged with his own signatures, but with the signatures that others had placed for him, for travel, lodging, food and clothing expenses.

But apparently, for those who have signed up, the future looks bright and prosperous. As Patronazhisti learns, it is precisely the firm, the secret behind which is hidden the meteoric career of the current head of state, Mr. Gezüz Bajram. It turns out that after the operation to privatize the naval base of Limion in Saranda, today's president, until yesterday the Chief of Staff of the Albanian Army, appears as the protagonist. With the primitive logic of the Patronageist, which does not smell of life; for an army commander to sell the bases of the army, is like a cook selling the cookers, ovens and stoves, and making him the head chef; or a plumber to sell all his tools, and then make him a water and sewer director.

Former Minister of Defense Volta Llaçka also had a hand in the sale of the base. Many would ask how the fate of this official went after this allishverish. That I Gjati does not forgive you for these things. In fact, he punished him severely. He officially made Llaçka the chief diplomat of Albania, i.e. Foreign Minister, to sit and talk with the heads of world diplomacy. As for tips, he also privately made her a strategic investor, since Volta with a hundred efforts had managed to bring to the country of the hawks a giant American tourist company, founded by Llaçka's brother-in-law.

A special contribution to the deserted Limion was also made by the socialist deputy with the last name of the White Guard general, Kollçak. Not as a deputy, but as an army general and Chief of Staff, just like Gezüz Bajrami. In the same way, I Gjati, who does not tolerate injustice, made the deputy put his finger on his head and learn lessons.


So, the Patronageist's conclusion is this: If you have signed, you will do well. You will always be in a bag with your head in a bag, with frozen blood and fear in your heart that the Tall or other tall before and after him, one fine day they invite you to SPAK for a coffee and a hand to chat, but what about the career will walk.

This is how the cream of Albanian republicanism, former Minister of Defense Mehdi Fatmiri, signed for Gërdec, and since that time, Doctor of Sajdis like no other. Basically, everyone still orbiting as satellites in Doc's orbit has signed on somewhere. Be it after 1990, be it before, be it fixed in 1990. As the story goes, IM's exemplary student, who immediately after signing with the Sigurimi comrades, was sung the song: "Leave the goats and go to the mountain, flower-Lilo partizani " . Of course, Lilua did not go up the mountain, but went down to the fields and made them fertile, just like the mountains. While the latter he flattened by taking the stones.

To dwell a bit on those who did not sign, or who regretted signing, all of them... it is not known where they are. Or as it is said in scientific terms for these cases, " they are no longer in the pan" . Someone took it and sheltered it in America for charity, others retired because it did not keep up with the times. 


Recently, the Azhans say that they have called the Socialist White Guard MP to SPAK. They also invited the former defense minister, currently the strategic minister of Foreign Affairs, for a coffee. The second biggest question in the country - after who will win Big Bradheri - is: Will they invite Gezu Bajram?

Note: Believe it or not, Patronageist is a satirical column