ACCUSATION / Mari-Antuaneta Testagrande: It was just a matter of concern, it was all right. When she became an aunt, she got wasted...

2023-01-28 22:13:23Patronazhisti SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Countess Testagrande explaining Dori's kinship with Etilde

TIRANA / SKRAPAR / NEW YORK - With a sharp and serious tone, where the disappointment was clearly read in what the plastic surgeon in San Marino told her that from now on she will have a face, the sympathizer of the Freedom Party and former leader for hire of of the Integration party, in other words, the countess of Zerqani, Mari-Antuaneta Testagrande, recently declared to the media that she felt deeply divided.

She was talking about Dori, Lilo's aunt's son, who turned out to be out of his hands and after doing services for Ed, who stuck eels in the rabbit's throat. Dori was mixed up with this ex-FBI agent, walking around with a government email that Eddie had given him and waving a business card as the prime minister's summer adviser.

"Look here, I guarantee you that he was in the Integration party, Dori was simply and only Lilo's aunt's son. He behaved correctly, we made him deputy minister and his mind worked day and night only for integration. But he had hidden from us the fact that in addition to being Lilo's aunt, you were also the aunt of Ed's viper, minister Etilda. Korba me, who thought of it?", declared the countess to the media.

Mrs. Testagrande added: "If I had known, I would have told her: Choose, either I take my aunt with Lilo, or I take my aunt with Etilda." There is no longer one hand in the revani, the other in the baklava - my Lilua is the baklava, of course. I would tell him to choose, just like the pressure that the German puts on you when he gives you your passport: O integrative citizenship, O ramisto-dictatorial citizenship! That master chose the dictatorship..."

It should be clarified that in this statement, the Patronage Officer, as a sensible person, was very impressed by the fact that Dori, when he was with Lilo, was very fine, correct, go to work, go to work, walked alone on the sidewalk, respected the traffic lights and did not he saw the world left and right. But how did he get away from Lilua, how did this guy get mad at all? As if he wasn't Lilo's first cousin at all? How come it didn't look like a thread? What if Zavalli had taken all of Etilda's favors?


It is a scientific fact that Dori is not one of the first integrators - according to Marie-Antoinette - like Lilo and Lilo, they are very fine, but then suddenly their heads start to smell.

The Integration Party, which then changed its name to the Freedom Party, represented by its sympathizer the Countess of Zerqani, declared a year ago that Lefter Koka and Alqi Bllakua learned all their bad habits from Ed.

"As long as they were with us, they were very fine. The moment they decided to jump in with Ed, where did they learn all the blacks of the world my sister, I don't know what to say. We were shocked when we heard that they had engaged in corruption, that they had stolen, diverted funds, benefited from stratospheric salaries for a firm," said the countess, "my seven cats and I were stunned. I remember it now, caviar stuck in my throat. Yes, I have the impression that that Eddie gives them some kind of accelerated course of evils. "Desert Lilua gives young people summer courses of virtues in Jale, while this dictator teaches them all the dirt."      

The same thing would be affirmed by the Countess from Fukare even when Nasip, representative of the operational area-Berat-Skrapar in the integration party, decided to go there from the socialists.

"Great surprise," the countess said at the time, " this Nasip was very well when he was with us. How did these people get corrupted like this!"

In the relatively new history of Lilo's party, there are dozens and hundreds of people who suddenly broke down, being good and beautiful and all right. But historians and archaeologists have recently discovered that even before the party was born, there were people who, being very good, decided to spy on their schoolmates who had cabbages on their heads, on their friends of the Internal Branch. There have even been other people who, in difficult times, decided to put the state's gold in their pockets to save it. Rumor has it that they are still guarding it. Other voices say that the people of Dega and these goldsmiths may be the same person. The only one who hasn't changed all these years, being what he was, all right.

Note: Patronageist is a satirical column without aunts' boys