Scandal/ Watch how the Albanian dancer proudly shows how he walks at 320 km/h on the streets of Albania

2023-12-01 21:04:02Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Segment from the show Wake up with MCN

Albania is the country with the highest number of fatal accidents in the region, while a large part of them have young people who "like" speed as protagonists.

Accidents have become a wound for society, leaving behind the pain of death but also the tragedy of hundreds of those who remain crippled.

All over the western world, government, media, civil society spread messages about how speed on the wheel comes to life.

But not surprisingly, in our country, speed is promoted as something exciting on Albanian television screens.

This is the case of a dancer, who on MCN TV shows how he travels on the streets of Albania at 320 kilometers per hour. He can be heard saying that on roads like Llogara or Dajti mountain, he drives at 260 km per hour.

These axes are not only considered among the most dangerous in Albania, but until a few years ago they were filled with memorials from the fatal accidents caused there.

The scandalous video is then posted on TikTok, an application that is massively used by young Albanians, and then they imitate what they see on TV on the street.