"9 thousand euros in one night"/ Vedati reveals the staggering numbers he earned from "TikTok": I stayed live for over 16 hours

2023-12-01 11:19:30Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Vedat Sulemanov

The contestant of "Për'puthen", Vedat Sulemanov, was invited to the studio of the show "Wake Up" this Friday morning. During this interview, he revealed how he started to deal with "TikTok", which has brought him staggering profits.

Vedat reveals that in one night he managed to earn 9 thousand euros, while in one month he managed to earn 105 thousand euros. He adds that in order to earn so much, he spent over 16 hours live on this social network.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Blendi Salaj : I just learned that you are one of the first "tiktok"-ers in the Balkans and you have a history with "TikTok" where you have taught others how to use it.

Vedat Sulemanov:  I used "TikTok" during the pandemic. I was one of the first "tiktok"-eras, which I got the attention of very quickly because there were not many Albanians at that time and over time I taught all the Albanians how to enter live, how to withdraw money, how to do transfers.

Blendi Salaj:  Now people are earning thousands and thousands with "TikTok". Who did you teach how to use "TikTok"?

Vedat Sulemanov:  I was just bored, it was a time when there was a pandemic, I had several cases in my life that were complicated to cope with and I found my place in "TikTok". I also think that I am one of the people, the only one who spoke about the income of "TikTok". I can say that in one night I won about 9 thousand euros.

Enxhi Nasufi:  How did you learn? Because you say that I have taught others, where did you start?

Vedat Sulemanov:  I also live abroad and I am a person who travels a lot, that is, in Europe, Asia and all. And in Asia, "TikTok" was a little more advanced and I had the courage to stay on the computer for a week and read it all.

Enxhi Nasufi:  So you got the right information and then you applied yourself. How much do you earn? A figure a month?

Vedat Sulemanov:  At that time when I was on "TikTok" I can freely say from 10 thousand euros and above. It depends on the time that passes.

Neada Muçaj:  You could get these in a month, right?

Vedat Sulemanov:  I received 105 thousand euros for one month.

Neada Muçaj:  How does this happen Vedat? Do you post videos, get attention, visibility or are these live shows where money is played?

Vedat Sulemanov:  Lives, where I was live for over 16 hours. I had challenges. I was also one of the first to do shows.