Sarah had ex-boyfriend Capital T and Noizyn? Former Big Brother VIP resident's comment raises suspicion

2024-02-25 21:21:03Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Former Big Brother VIP resident Mikela Pupa has raised suspicions that Sara Gjorden may have had links to Noizy and Capital T.

During a photo game in the "Don't Hit The Top" feature on The Sun, she put Sarah's photo in the same place as that of two famous singers.

Part of the discussion:

Michela: I don't have any thoughts about Sarah.

Ronaldo: What about Sarah's isha?

Michela: Sarah knows her own business, not because she likes her big game, but that she...

Ronaldo: Noizy, our rapper from Lushnja

Michela: When I was a kid, I heard it a lot, but noizyn also left sarah with who knows.

Ronaldo: Capital T?

Michela: I'll take the capital to Sarah.

Ronaldo: Why did they have anything together?

Mikela: Jo m...