Here's who wins Big Brother Vip 3 according to conspiracyist Alfred Cako

2024-02-25 20:57:54Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Alfred Cako

Guests at the Fun Club, Alfred Cako and Stres shared conflicted opinions about the current Big Brother VIP players.

According to Cakos, Romeo will win this game, as he is self-restrained and knows how to react. Stress, on the other hand, said otherwise, and his reaction was not to be missed.


Cako: I see that Romeo is a strong player and candidate to win Big Brother. There's a self-restraint when adrenaline rises in conversations. He maintains a certain kind of ethics and realizes that he is being followed online. He knows how to restrain himself and knows how to harass opponents.

Stress: I don't think Romeo is holding out too much in the game. Tirana is a small man, a famous man and a wonderful moderator, but I don't see him restrained. Come out of Romeo's mouth a word of ... in the mouth.

Cako: I think Romeo will be the winner.

Stress moves from the chair: Far from...