"I'm using the poor White," Stres explains the statement to Sarah: I had her in the neighborhood, she's always been very...

2024-02-25 19:53:06Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The rapper Stres was invited to the Fun Club where he was asked about a status made by him for Sara Gjorden.

In one of the sentences of his status Stress writes: "Ps though the strength of habit."

Asked what the word "stress" meant, she said, "she knows from the outside that she was once in a neighborhood and for her she has always been a strategist.

According to Stress out of all the residents, Sarah is the only player who has entered the house with clear strategies and ideas for the game.


Moderator: You mentioned a word in your statement, strength of habit you said you can explain it

Stress: Yeah, strength of habit I said knowing a little bit about Sarah from the outside that we were in a neighborhood once and seeing how she grew up she was always and outdoors.

How was the player, the strategist?

Stress: A lot of strategists. I wouldn't have suggested the game you're doing and when you first came in, I said it's not good to use that story outside, I'm using White because the poor guy killed him. The boxer is a super boy.

Full Stress Statement:

"You let a super boy out there waiting for him and confidently let him into the BB and then talk to Erjol holding the cross he gave him and hope he wins today "in boxing". He kisses and asks the white man to account, says he has three years with him, everything just for fame and to continue to reach the BB. To lose your way and exceed your personal limits for fame is to come bad! Ps, though the strength of the custom," the rapper writes.