"Open your eyes that le nam..." in a strong nomination, Fationi advises Sarah: Know the weak spot, don't eat provocations that... (VIDEO)

2024-02-25 16:11:53Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Fatjoni, Sara and White

An incredibly strong nomination this week, while Big Brother has led to Sarah, Gazi, Yuli and Egga televoting.

During a conversation after Prime, Juli said that Sara, Elga and Gazi are at risk, and although Sarah doesn't come out because of the romance with Bardhi, there are also some situations where she's involved in a debate at home, she has to do more.

In a tip given to the resident, Juli stressed that the couples' war has begun and Sarah must play hard to gain ground. Meanwhile, Fationi advises the model to maintain calm and control. According to Fationi, only by not stepping out of herself can Sarah overcome this strong challenge. The same advice Fationi gave to White, asking her to keep her calm because when she gets angry she comes out negatively in front of the public because she speaks dissipated.

"This nomination is strong but there are a lot of names ahead of Sarah. There are two names in front of her. Your maximum is to keep him calm. Which means there are too many hated persons here to stay Sara. There's endless in the house, to vote to stay, Sarah. Keep it quiet because my word she takes it for a basis when she's quiet. You have to find the weak spot when she gets mad to shut up. "When she is angry, she speaks in a way that is calm," fation told Bardhi.

Fationi-Sarah: Please, please get Ilnisa out of yourself I don't understand and it's the end. Honey, you're a bomb when you're not angry. You have to understand that you are too high to be talked about. That's what you have to understand. You understand that because you're getting that bite out of you and you're turning us against when you're angry. White is very high. Out of these four names, you are not to come out. This Big Brother has a lot of hated people, which means if you come back like them, it can take you out. He doesn't care because there are other people to do this job.

Open your eyes. At least when we say... When white says, even if you're super angry, keep yourself because you're a nam. Your heart has gone out of yourself a lot, you got to the point where you said it's coming out of Big Brother.

Sarah: I said no, because I said, 'You don't have a hand-held production.' And I said no one's holding me with the dice, if that's the case I'm out.

Fationi: Listen to me for a second. Arbri and Ori are paid for this work. He is not a judge and gives his opinion because he is paid for it. Don't take it close to your heart, it's enough to talk. While they're talking to you, it means you're very high up outside. That's all you get.

Sarah: But we don't know that.

Fationi: I know it, because it's not the first time. Look at the situations because you all know the weak spot. Did I touch you there and leave the game? They know it will only get you there. It's just going to fall on you to get you out of yourself. The first one to fall is Gas because I know he himself is endangered and he will get you out of the house. Don't eat it this week because you have the week with people you know how they are at the game. Stay as calm as possible. Make fun of situations because you'll do it to yourself.