Grimieri said Meriton had asked for "fours in hotel"

2024-02-25 15:46:00Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Meritoni / Dario

A few days ago, famous grime Dario Daka shocked the network with his statement that Big Brother VIP contestant Meriton Mjekiqi had invited him for a foursome.

"Disgusting, ignorant, cowardly. Forget Meriton wrote about 4 in the hotel, and after I refused to take a block... "I'm not here to get a bad face," he wrote a few days ago.

Grimieri said Meriton had asked for "fours in hotel"
Postimi and Darius

His statements were discussed today at the Fun Club, where Stress was also invited.

He said he didn't know Darius, but that he believed what he said.

"Darion I don't know him, I've seen him before, but I believe it," Stress said.

Meanwhile Dario in a recorded phone call has said he stands by his statements and is ready to confront Meriton after he leaves the house.