Graciano denies it: "I didn't take avenge man!" I made a game to hurt what...

2024-02-25 18:22:24Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Graciano Tagani has denied that due to his elimination from Big Brother Vip 3 was made Romeo Veshaj.

Ronaldo Sharka told him in the Fun Club studio that Romeo was the cause, but Graciano said he didn't get into the way.

Among other things, he said he made a game to harm him who had damaged him for four days inside the house, referring to Romeo with whom there has been frequent debate.

Part of the discussion:

Graciano: Graciano didn't get out of Romeo, that's for sure

Ronaldo: Why did you get all the Big Brother in a week with Romeo?

Graciano: I'll give you the explanation for the last time and I'll close this cover. I know there were no normal people, who had a job. I didn't cut my arms off anyone. In terms of Oaks, I wasn't Oak's brother. I wasn't eating, drinking and staying on... I was the one who when I entered I had an affection for Lis, and Lisi was the man I didn't see at home for 15 days. So I didn't betray my friend, I didn't take anyone in stride. I made a game to hurt what had hurt me four days in a row. Where is the evil here?