A white envelope in BBV, this is the game that caught the residents by surprise!

2024-02-25 19:22:30Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Big Brother Albania Vip 3

A new game for the residents of the Big Brother Albania vip 3 house.

The white envelope asked residents to watch some of the scenes of the most popular Albanian films, and to perform them in their own "home version".

This game initially cheered residents on, but seem to have taken it seriously when they learned that next week's budget will depend on the interpretation.

"Today, the game has been brought to you by digital. With the fall of gong, some of the most famous Albanian films will be shown. You should interpret each scene in your home conditions and re-frame them in your own way. You have until tomorrow to take the test. "Big brother will see your commitment, and will decide on next week's budget," the envelope reads.

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