Dr. Jorgji Kote's book is promoted: "Negotiations, the last challenge of integration"

2024-04-12 14:35:01Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Negotiations, the last challenge of integration

On April 5, 2024, in the premises of the Mediterranean University of Albania in Tirana, the promotion ceremony of the book "Negotiations - the last challenge of integration" by the veteran diplomat and publicist, Dr. George Kote.

A large number of participants were present, including MPs Jorida Tabaku and Etilda Gjonaj, respectively Chair and Vice Chair of the Parliamentary Integration Committee, former foreign ministers, Prof. D. Paskal Milo and Besnik Mustafaj, former Minister of Integration Klajda Gjosha, Career Ambassador, Dashnor Dervishi, Rector of UMSH Prof. Dr. Adrian Civici, Vice-Rector Arben Cici, former Ambassador, Prof. Dr. As. Mirela Bogdani, former ambassadors Maxhun Peka, Islam Lauka, Ylljet Aliçkaj, Visho Ajazi, Kujtim Morina, Director of the EU in MEPJ, Admira Jorgji, Director General of the Technical Secretariat of the National Integration Council, Elda Zenelaj, Director of Legislation Alignment with the EU in the Assembly, Nika Holta, integration experts, friends and well-wishers.

The meeting was opened by the President of UMSH, Academician Anastas Angjeli, who emphasized the great importance that UMSH shows for topics and activities of this nature, especially for European integration and the prominent values ??of Dr. Jorgji Kote in these areas.

He gave the floor to MP Jorida Tabaku, Chair of the Parliamentary Integration Committee, who focused on some of the main aspects of this serious publication with a broad thematic catalog. She spoke about the challenges faced by politics and our country in the process of developing EU membership negotiations.

Furthermore, Ms. Tabaku mentioned the presentation and positive approach of the author, his 30 years of expertise in this field, especially in Brussels and elsewhere, and other features of the book.

Taking the floor, deputy Etilda Gjonaj, underlined the author's merits in elaborating on a major topic, for which, despite the work done so far, there are deficiencies and absences in the relevant literature. Therefore, such publications are valuable and welcome.

Based on the relevant complex issues, she underlined that both positive approaches and critical attitudes are welcome, in order to avoid previous flaws and shortcomings in our European journey.

Prof. Paskal Milo, former Minister of Foreign Affairs highlighted the outstanding qualities of the author in the field of deep analysis of the dynamics of our integration process in the EU. Prof. followed such analysis. Milo are of great help in the political decision-making process.

Next, the former Minister of Integration during the period 2013 - 2017, Mrs. Klajda Gjosha, focused in more detail on the content of the book, the analyzes with theoretical values ??and practices in the last 10 years related to the demarches of our country in the process of membership negotiations, in relations with the various European institutions and member countries, the deepening of the main reforms, etc.

She also mentioned some copyright concerns based on various facts and phenomena. Ms. Gjosha continued by saying that the book resembles a faithful chronicle of the events, forums, meetings and summits held in the last 10 years on the issue of negotiations with the EU in Tirana, Brussels and elsewhere.

She underlined the fact that in 7 chapters and 41 articles, the book scans the various processes, initiatives, efforts, achievements, delays and absences in Tirana, Brussels and other EU metropolises.

Prof. Dr. Xenofon Krisafi, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Human Sciences, who wrote the foreword of the book, dwelled in more detail on the interesting and current topics of the book, various problems and concerns, including blocking positions and vetoes from any member country of the EU.

He spoke about the content, messages and values ??of this publication for students and experts of international relations, our diplomacy and other structures involved in the negotiation process with the EU.

As mentioned in its Preface, "this book is dedicated to the idealism, work and dedication of a large number of experts, who for many years have worked sparingly with their knowledge, wisdom, determination and energies to realize a dream, and which comes from centuries of history.

According to Prof. Krisafit, "Negotiations - The last challenge of integration" comes at the right time as evidence of Albania's efforts for Europe, the progress achieved, the lessons learned, the projects of routine interventions and other reforms that must be implemented for the opening and development of accession negotiations to the European Union. The book is beautifully written, with rich language and an attractive style, with particularly intriguing and meaningful titles and sub-titles.

All the panelists were of the same opinion that the book was written with a realistic, positive and appreciative spirit towards the work of relevant institutions, allied countries, the media, civil society, fellow countrymen, with civic and diplomatic concern, without excluding critical comments and remarks with positive spirit.
This is thanks to the long diplomatic experience of 30 years, the competence and professional reliability of the author for dealing with this complex and major topic.

In conclusion, the author thanked the leaders and the Rectorate of UMSH for their unreserved support for the dignified organization of this event, which coincided with the 15th Anniversary of its establishment.