"I slept with my close friend, my husband is aware", surprises the sports journalist: My husband has been with Bleona Qereti for two weeks!

2024-04-12 09:31:04Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Pejana Elezi

Sports journalist Pejana Elezi has spoken about her relationship with her husband, composer Kledi Bahiti, with whom she has a son.

The journalist has confessed that despite being married, Kledi Bahiti has not interfered in her friendships and that she has not severed relations with them.

She even revealed that when she goes on vacation she sleeps in a room with her close friend, adding that "we are like brother and sister".

The journalist confessed that the composer is aware of everything as he does not hide anything from her. Like her, he also introduced her to his girlfriends.

"Me and my best friend when we went on vacation we always slept together because we got a house, there were 4-5 of us and it was always me and him, we both slept in a room with each other that most people couldn't imagine this, the partners, the girlfriend he had at that time, etc.

There is no need to do it because we were like sister and brother and we continue to be like sister and brother, that is, people who know each other's families, we know every problem, every problem, we have been there for each other", said Pejana Elezi.

The journalist has shown that Kledi Bahiti stayed at Bleona Qereti's house for 2 weeks, but emphasized that she is not jealous.

"Kledi is abroad and Kledi stayed for 2 weeks at Bleona Qereti's parents' house, for example. He was there all the time, he had gone out with Bleona, he was having dinner with Bleona, they both had lunch, they were with each other all the time. There may be women who may be jealous of this part, I don't have it," she said.