Jul Deda reveals the two 'strange' questions he asked the woman at the beginning of the acquaintance

2024-04-11 19:13:12Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Actor Julian Deda has today confessed the beginnings of getting to know his wife, Amarda.

During the conversation with the other residents, Julia said that when they were getting to know each other, she asked him if he knew how to cook and especially if he knew how to make cakes.

He added that he was happy when he received a positive response, since according to him, love passes through the stomach.

"For example, when I met the woman, I swear I said to her, 'Do you know how to cook?' Do you know how to make cakes?' He said 'yes', I was happy and I said 'ok'. I swear these were among the first two questions. Love passes through the stomach," said Deda.

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