Egla Ceno surprises everyone: I have a love outside, I have a husband and I am very much in love (VIDEO)

2024-04-11 21:34:05Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Egla Ceno

The actress Egla Ceno, who is seen as a candidate for the victory in "Big Brother Albania Vip 3", has today shared with the residents an unheard detail of her private life.

While arguing with the residents inside the BBVA house, she announced that she has "a great love outside".

“I'll give you an exclusive in the Big Brother house. I have a very big love for the outdoors. The fact that I am not, I have shown it under the quilt, does not mean that I do not have it, I am very much in love", said Egla while arguing with the residents inside.

It was Liam who provoked the actress by telling her that Egla was looking for a man. The reaction was quick from Egla, who quickly responded to this statement. "I have a husband, you can't know everything", was her answer.

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