Images after head surgery, Dea Michel: Bear with me even like this, it's important that I'm alive (PHOTO)

2024-04-12 14:10:53Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The former resident of Big Brother Dea Michel has revealed that a few days ago she underwent a serious operation, which lasted for more than 4 hours. Meanwhile, yesterday she published some photos where it can be seen that she has returned to her home, while she also showed the wound on her head as a result of the operation.

Her friends went to her apartment to surprise her, where there was no lack of humor from them, congratulating her on her 'new tits'. But in fact, Dea performed the operation on her head.

"And I made up my mind that I'm waiting for the company to come to me, it's the normal side of my head, I look like a normal person. The other side is with wounds, stitches, blood, Thursday, like a horror movie, I'll spare you. The adjustment process today took 60% of my daily energy", writes Dea, while he continues:

"It's Thursday. The wound is a little further back. I'm not upset that it looks like this, the important thing is that I'm fine. It will deflate. And you will put up with me with this look".