Gynecology Enriketa Kroi: A tampon that is kept for hours is deadly, girls forget...

2023-09-26 12:18:37Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
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Gynecologist Enriketa Kroi was invited to the morning show "Wake Up", where she commented on a habit that women do very often when they are on their menstrual cycle, the use of tampons.

She points out that the tampon is not healthy at all, as at the end of the day it is just a foreign body in our body and that many girls forget to remove it, which later causes many health problems. According to her, these cases are numerous nowadays.

" I understand that kollajlik makes us women who, for the sake of a delicate, beautiful dress that makes us feel good, during the menstrual cycle use some elements that give us comfort in our daily life. The problem is that often times, these tampons are forgotten inside, it happens regularly, often it is not understood, the thread of the tampon is gone, when the patient goes to the toilet she thinks she has taken it out and only after a few days she feels a very heavy smell from below because it is stagnant blood. the doctor to make a visit, does not think there is a tampon there.

All girls and women know that the tampon cannot be kept for more than 8 hours or 12 hours because it causes discomfort in the vaginal tract. The problem is that many times many of them don't realize that the tampon is left in because the thread is gone and when the thread is gone, the tampon is left in and she doesn't understand.

The problem is that these are foreign bodies, and dear, you have unwittingly placed a foreign body inside your body. What about when swabs are forgotten during a routine gynecologist procedure? They are forgotten inside the vagina, during vaginal births we often tampon when we have a difficult birth and these gauzes are forgotten.

In all these cases the vagina suffers minor trauma and if there are vaginal bacteria that are common in the vagina, for example staphylococcus is a normal inhabitant of the vagina, the thing is that if from the vagina, it passes into the blood, in some ways that are not his, he definitely starts releasing toxins that hit all the organs of the body, the first is the heart, the liver, the kidneys ", says gynecologist Enriketa Kroi