New and unexpected opportunities / Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign this week

2023-09-25 19:20:23Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Weekly horoscope

Mercury will interact with Jupiter to help you find a new vision, different from the one you've usually had. This will open up new, unexpected opportunities for you. Later, a Full Moon in Aries will occur, motivating you to put up the right barriers to your desires.


This week helps you clarify your foresight and be clearer than ever. A powerful energy like that of the Full Moon tells you to relax, set proper boundaries, and put your desires first.


The answer is related to your feelings and desire to share some more sensitive and personal aspects of your life. In the following days, you will talk about emotions, fear, hope and desire, while you will manage to leave behind the thoughts that will lead you away from the golden opportunities in front of you.


What do you have to admit to yourself, Gemini? Monday motivates you to accept some parts of yourself, your character and appearance that you have not yet accepted and these are the things that will help you reconnect with yourself and the people around you. Friday will bring you new and promising friendships.

The crab

The full moon in Aries will illuminate your friendships, old or new, and you will have something very clear: Not everything is worth taking seriously. If you crave freedom and leadership, seize career opportunities and allow yourself to fail and learn from your mistakes. All these will serve you for future success.


Live by your values, dear Leo. Mercury and Jupiter help you set priorities and make a long-awaited change to the things that matter to you. Don't be afraid to dare, expand your horizons, learn more about topics that interest you, explore and follow your desires.


Think in a bigger vision, dear Virgo. The cooperation of Mercury and Jupiter stimulates your critical thinking and makes you see the big picture of things. A new erotic desire will appear on the horizon during this week and you will be able to receive and give a lot of sexual pleasure.


Happy birthday, Libra! This week you will heal from many things, you will be inspired to speak to yourself with more love and kindness, and you will be introduced to a new romantic aspect in your relationship. The dynamics of this week are so beautiful and intense that you will enjoy every moment.


Trust is key, dear Scorpio. Mercury and Jupiter encourage you to understand what is your place in society, who are the people you trust and what will be your approach to them. You will embrace some more positive habits in your life, which will affect many areas in your life.


Small things build your biggest success. You will be highly motivated to express your truths and be empowered. Those who want to listen to you will learn from you as you rise to a higher level.


Your priority is development in all spheres of life. With the development you aim for, comes self-love, as well as the desire to be the best version of yourself. We approve of this goal of yours, but we suggest that you don't neglect fun and quality time with those around you.


Emotions are not always what tell you how the situation is, dear Aquarius. Facts and everything else matter more than you think. Look at the sensations with more vigilance, but do not always take them as a basis for action. This week suggests you stay curious and be a more compassionate and direct person.


Mercury and Jupiter inspire you to communicate and have difficult and very sensitive conversations, as these will help you strengthen your relationships with those around you. Don't forget to take a look at your finances and values, as you often forget to talk to yourself with the love you deserve.