"I have 800 thousand euros in cash", Kozaku shows the crazy amount of lek he earns from TikTok!

2023-09-25 09:21:39Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Cossack Braçi

The well-known character of social networks, Kozak, spoke about his life during an interview on Top Channel .

During the interview, Kozak was asked how much money he has in the bank, but he honestly stated that he never keeps money in the bank, but cash.

According to him, he earns about 7,000 euros a week and his total savings are about 800,000 euros, which he has in cash.

Moderator : How much money do you currently have in your bank account?

Kozak : I don't keep lek in the bank, I only keep cash. I have 800 thousand euros.

Moderator : Let's leave this show, let's go live on TikTok.

Kozak : There are many people who say that I lie and I want to explain to them. People who deal with live know how much money I earn. I have been receiving 7,000 euros a week for three years. Calculate for yourself how much money it costs for three years.