The behind-the-scenes of Luiz's clash with Arbana and Eduardi is revealed, the apple of the "quarrel" is the next Big Brother  

2023-09-23 13:25:20Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Luiz's plans for television projects fail?

Summer has been a busy season for many VIPs, marking with various activities in the areas where they operate. An increased attention from the public for Luiz and Kiara, who are currently among the most beloved couples for followers.

Luiz was undoubtedly the singer of the season, where his concerts were the most attended, and therefore the most paid. Also, the winner of Big Brother VIP became a part of the cinematography for the first time, where he played as a protagonist in the movie, "In the Frame of Love". On the other hand, it has been a busy season for his partner as well.

The moderator returned to the Top Channel screen to moderate the "Cape of VIPs". Filming was done in Turkey, where Kiara stayed for about 1 week. On the other hand, the duo also had big contracts with advertisements, mainly on social networks, turning them into the most marketed characters of the moment.

But, as August ended, another season came for them too, where commitment to television was definitely their goal. For many months, Kiara has been rumored as a possible candidate for the moderation of "Për'puthen", so the surprise was not small, when it was confirmed on the network that it would be Megi Pojani, the host of this format.

Kiara herself has personally expressed her desire to moderate this format, however the organizers have decided that for the moment, she will not be part of the screen, preferring that her name not be used for "Kiss".

However, Kiara will be entrusted with a summary format that will be made for "Dancing with the Stars". On the other hand, Luizi, who remains among the most popular names, had ambitions to have a television career, this time not only as a singer. It has long been rumored in the network that he would be a commentator in Big Brother VIP 3. The voices increased after Arbër Hajdari himself confirmed that next year he would not sit in the commentator's chair.

However, such a decision seems difficult. It has been rumored in the network that Arbana Osmani and Eduart Grishaj were against Luiz's participation in this format. And it was precisely this fact "the bone of contention" between the winner of Big Brother and the famous couple. A few days ago, Luiz removed them from Instagram, along with some other former residents, thus bringing the final closure of the relationship between them.

But in the midst of half-finished projects and "disappointment" from the screen, Luizi and Kiara have decided to "escape" from Tirana. From social networks, we have seen that the couple has chosen to spend a few days of vacation in Italy. More specifically, they are in Milan, where they have enjoyed some time only with each other, but also with Kiara's parents. Luiz has shared with his followers a moment filming Kiara, as she enjoys one of the most beautiful views in Milan, "Piazza D'uomo di Milano", writes Panoram Plus.

The behind-the-scenes of Luiz's clash with Arbana and Eduardi is revealed,