One of the conflicts of "Big Brother VIP 1" is moved to "Dancing with the stars"

2023-09-22 19:44:30Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
One of the dramas of "Big Brother VIP 1" is moved to "Dancing with the stars"

In 'Dancing with the stars' one of the most discussed conflicts of 'Big Brother VIP 1' will be moved. Or more precisely the characters, because the conflict between them remains to be seen how it will continue.

We are talking about Ilir Shaqiri and Eltion Merjan, who respectively come in the role of the chairman of the jury and the accompanying dancer for the contestant Ina Kollçaku.

Invited to "Albania Live", Eltioni said that he believes that Iliri will be professional in his judgement, not being influenced by anything, but added that everything remains to be seen.

"I think he will be professional, he has spent time and put things behind him, I believe he will not be affected. Better to see how things go, then talk. Here we are two partners who have divided the roles, I give to the legs, Ina gives to the mouth", said Eltoni.

For those who don't remember, Eltioni and Iliri had some very tough arguments together in 'Big Brother VIP 1'. 

After entering 'Big Brother Vip', Eltioni told Iliri that he did not support him in the most difficult period he was going through in his life, even though he had the opportunity to do so.

It was all about Eltioni not being chosen to be a cast of professional dancers in "Romeo and Juliet" where Iliri was part of the jury.

On the other hand, Iliri denied it, saying that he did not know him and that he chose based on meritocracy.

At that time, things between them worsened a lot as Iliri didn't even meet Eltion after leaving.

How will the relationship between them continue?