What's going on with Fero? He is photographed with the person who recruited fighters for ISIS

2023-09-22 09:05:50Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

After leaving music and devotion to religion, former rapper Fero has been in the center of showbiz news for weeks.

According to some photos published by the Kosovar media, Fero is hanging out with Musa Ademi, who in 2016 was convicted by the Court of Ferizaj for recruiting fighters of the ISIS terrorist group.

According to the indictment of the Prosecutor's Office, Ademi was accused that starting from August 2013 in Kosovo, he has continuously called on other people to participate in the activities of ISIS.

In the indictment it was said that the same person had also bought the ticket for the deceased BH, who according to the Prosecutor's Office, on March 25, 2014, had committed a terrorist act of suicide in the state of Iraq, killing himself and 52 other people.

Fero announced a few weeks ago that he has left music and said he will devote himself to religion. He made this decision after his release from detention, where he was held for domestic violence. He was suspected of having physically attacked his wife, model Arbenita Ismaili, with whom he also has a daughter, after a verbal dispute.

Speaking about Fero's decision, Ademi said that he was not the person who instructed the rapper to dedicate himself to religion, but that he knows him and they meet from time to time. He adds that his friendship with Fero is similar to everyone else and that he does not have any special friendship just because he is a person known to the public.

What's going on with Fero? He is photographed with the person who recruited