"Without a brave man...", Adriola Dushi admits the connection with Capital T

2023-09-21 13:33:19Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The model, Adriola Dushi, and the singer, Capital T, are in the center of attention from the media, as it has been rumored for a long time about their love affair, and despite the fact that everyone is already convinced of its authenticity, the pair has never confirmed it.

Recently, Adrola was invited to an interview where he was undoubtedly "bullied" for this part as well.

"Of course I like brave men and it definitely couldn't be different without a brave man in my arms," ??said the model, laughing and joking, referring to the rapper's real name, which is Trim Ademi.

This was one of the closest statements that we can call an indirect confirmation.

After being asked about the rapper's last concert, she said: "I'm a big fan of his to be honest, if you look at my phone I don't have any photos or videos from that night because I enjoyed that concert endlessly."

She then stated that she will never make her romance public as she wants to keep her private life to herself.

"To be honest, as time has come and as things have come, I don't like having anything public anymore. There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than when you enjoy things in private, that is, what I see on social networks, I am horrified simply because we all know each other and there is no, because we know very well how things go and when I see some horrors, I just can't stand them and I don't want to get into that thing, because the relationship is a very sacred thing and I don't want to sell it and earn from it my thing and I really want to keep it only for myself.

I don't know if I will manage in my life to have a very private relationship. I don't want my name to be cursed for such things, I hold my family sacred. I don't want it to come out and become public, something that is your personal and that you enjoy, live, enjoy and love.

Actually, many times I say that I want to disappear because I don't want to, you know me, I'm very simple, I want to enjoy my things without making a lot of noise", said Adrola.