Is there a connection with Endri Prifti? Here is what Ola Bruko writes

2023-09-22 10:17:13Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ola and Endri

In recent days, journalist Ola Bruko has been the headline of the pink media like never before.

She is rumored to be in a relationship with Endri Prifti, the Korça singer who, together with his brother, has been part of her TV show for a long time.

Although there has not been a direct reaction from any of them, the moderator has recently made some unusual posts on her Instagram profile.

First, she shared some verses from "Floriri" by Dritëro Agolli:
" Be white as snow,
bright, bathed in gold.
They will swear again, definitely,
no one remains without swearing...!

They threw the gold - the third,
into the scum, into the black sludge.
A century passed and they found him,
Floriri had remained Flori ... ", are the verses that Ola Bruko has chosen to share in these days.

Meanwhile, in another post, alongside an old photo of herself, the moderator writes that the Albanian people seek the Pope's blessing:

" Would it be good for the Pope to visit us once more and bless us as a nation????

Peace, tranquility, love and not hate, peace in your souls. Life is short, it goes away and never comes back!

God be with you too. Amen "

We remember that about a year ago, there was talk of Ola Bruko's separation from her husband. His absence in the anchorwoman's daily life was a detail that could not go unnoticed, at least for her loyal followers.

Ola Bruko's ex-husband is Andi Papaproko, the father of her two children.