Sinan Vllasaliu in trouble, risks being sentenced to 5 years in prison

2023-09-23 17:35:22Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Sinan vllasaliu

The Kosovar singer, Sinan Vllasaliu, has recently been accused by TAK (Tax Administration of Kosovo) and its inspectors of having committed a damage of 24 thousand 270 euros for the state of Kosovo.

The well-known treva singer for the collaborations of Nora Istrefin, Ermal Fejzullahun and others seems to be in danger of being sentenced to 5 years in prison, according to the court.

At the court session, the TAK inspector testified regarding the investigations and inspections that TAK had done regarding the singer Sinan Vllasaliu for his tax obligations, adding that every income must be declared to TAK even if the taxes were done abroad.

Also, the inspector's reasoning that "I don't know how much the singer Vllasaliu was paid for the nights he sang in the Diaspora, but he drew an average based on the posters of the clubs", according to him, in criminal law this is not allowed because every the extraction of the average should have been interpreted with the value of zero and not with two thousand euros.

According to the indictment filed on May 2, 2018, by the Basic Prosecutor's Office in Prishtina, Sinan Vllasaliu is accused of having committed the criminal offense of "Tax Evasion", this offense is punishable by a fine and imprisonment from 6 months to five years.