From a teacher in Dibër comes a cleaner in Tirana! The extraordinary story of Ismet

2023-09-23 21:31:36Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ismet and Kristi

Kristi Gongo has become the youngest cleaning-greening worker in the capital.

Together with the work group, he started the cleaning of the capital in several processes, starting from sweeping the streets to collecting trash from the bins. Work without whims and with honesty!

During the work process, from the early hours of the morning until late at night, Kristi got to know extraordinary stories of ordinary people, full of kindness and eagerness to work.

His attention was taken by Rita Hyseni, who has been working as a sanitary worker for 37 years and since the age of 14 has been working in the same cleaning department in the capital.

"I have 6th grade at school, but I work with my strength, I can sweat", said Rita during the show Pune pa teka.

Ismet Shehi's story is also a life lesson. He had left his job as a primary education teacher in Dibër and came to Tirana for a better life for his 5 children, he chose to work in the cleaning-greening sector.

"Work is not a shame," he told Christ, "it is enough to have the desire that everything is done." Man adapts to the conditions", he said.

For Kristin, cleaning the city was made even easier by the conversations of new friends...TCh