"They told me you are the lover of Bled Manes", the well-known moderator surprises with the statement

2023-09-25 12:25:10Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Every week, the column "Trotoar" in "E Diell", Top Channel, brings different topics that affect the discussions of our daily life. Yesterday's topic was 'hate speech on social media'.

The girls invited to the studio said that followers on social networks criticize them for their clothes, for the language they use on "Instagram" or even on television. They even added that in addition to receiving insults from all kinds of people, there are those who curse, for example, "die, don't get married".

When the well-known moderator, Erjola Doçi, took the floor, she shared her concrete case of hatred.

" My concrete case of hatred, apart from many words and slanders, was when Bled took me out in my beginnings, 'you are the lover of Bled Manes'. We are a people who hate a lot and we must be cured because this is a disease ", said Erjola.

Meanwhile, Shqipe Hysenaj intervenes here, who said that 'Bledi has done this to all of them, lovers, girlfriends, brides'.

Addressing the well-known journalist, Shqipja added:

"Bledi, please, you have a job. You always had a job. Anyone who approaches you 'no, but this', starts to touch you. Bledi is known to improve himself which is not normal. The way you talk and how you approach the chicks…”.