The capsule with the samples of the Bennu asteroid lands on Earth, may provide answers to the mystery of the origin of life (VIDEO)

2023-09-25 20:32:09Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Asteroid Bennu sample capsule lands on Earth

A capsule containing samples from asteroid Bennu has successfully landed in the Utah desert.

Scientists hope that this material can provide answers to questions related to the origin of life on Earth.

The Osiris-Rex spacecraft has remained in space after releasing the capsule containing the samples.

The descent to the surface of the earth was softened by a parachute that opened in the last minutes. The final landing was shown live by NASA. It marks the finalization of the work of a six-year joint mission between the US space agency and the University of Arizona.

OSIRIS-REx picked up material from asteroid Bennu three years ago. Bennu is a small, carbon-rich asteroid that was discovered in 1999. The space rock is classified as a "near-Earth object" because it passes relatively close to our planet every six years, although the likelihood of an impact with it is considered small.

Composed mostly of rock, Bennu is only 500 meters wide, making it wider than the length of the Empire State Building.

It is smaller than the Chicxulub asteroid that hit Earth about 66 million years ago, wiping out the dinosaurs.

The carbon-rich asteroid Bennu, which is orbiting the sun, is believed to hold evidence of the blocks of the solar system. Scientists say the remains could help explain how the planets of our solar system formed billions of years ago and how life began on Earth.

The samples could also help improve the chances that Earth will be protected from an asteroid that could endanger humanity.