SAD/ Wife of former Arsenal goalkeeper dies of cancer, three months after marriage

2023-09-26 09:19:18Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The wife of the former goalkeeper of London Arsenal, Josh Vickers, has passed away. Laura had been diagnosed with cancer and had only been married for three months to Josh, who now plays for Derby County.

"Daily Mail" writes that his teammates were giving him support in posts where he is seen walking hand in hand with his wife on their wedding day, three months before she tragically died of cancer.

But recently, the 27-year-old made a post on his social networks, where he announced that his wife had lost the battle with cancer. Josh also shared with his followers the video of their wedding, where they walked hand in hand in the garden where the ceremony was held.

In other images, Laura's tattoo with her husband's initials can be seen as the two barely hold back tears celebrating the union.

The footballer said that he had proposed to Laura the year he went to Canada after they had lived together since 2019. But since the marriage, Josh has documented on social networks Laura's long battle with cancer, including chemotherapy sessions that did not work.

Josh missed the last Derby match against Carlisle "for personal reasons". Since the publication of his circumstances, support has been widespread from the football community.

His side beat Carlisle 2-0 yesterday thanks to two goals from James Collins, as tributes were paid on the pitch for the loss of the goalkeeper's wife.