Murder of the pregnant woman, Kurti: The whole chain of irresponsibility must be given up

2022-12-01 21:17:21Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The victim Hamide Magashi

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has reacted again to the murder of a pregnant woman before the maternity hospital in Pristina on Wednesday evening.

Kurti writes in a note on Facebook that all persons who have not implemented their responsibilities should resign.

For this reason, Kurti says that he has ordered to start an inspection for the implementation of the work of the police for the protection order that the victim had, as well as to verify the work of all the institutions involved.

"This afternoon, I approved the demands of the Interministerial Group against domestic violence, after their meeting today, regarding the case of the murder of Hamide Magashi and her unborn baby. Based on the responsibilities carried by the relevant institutions, the following is being done: the inspection of the work of police officers, including the implementation of the protective order; inspection of the work of officials at the Center for Social Work; inspection of the work of officials in the gynecology department at KKUK; urgent allocation of the budget for the implementation of the Law on Electronic Surveillance of persons whose movement is restricted by court decision; and, in the cases of setting a protective order, to raid the suspect's house. The entire chain of irresponsibility must resign", writes Prime Minister Kurti.

Hamide Magazhi was killed last night in the maternity yard by her ex-husband. She was pregnant and was scheduled to deliver the baby today.