"I will kill my sister's husband and have sex in your presence"/ The file of Sokol's threats to Hamide is revealed

2022-12-01 19:00:32Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Sokol Halili and Hamide Magashi

"I will kill my sister's husband and have sex in your presence." These were the words of the author Sokol Halili that were reported to the Police by the victim Hamide Magashi in July of this year. 

"Kallxo" has secured the investigative file, which includes the statement of the 35-year-old woman, which she gave to the investigator months ago.

Hamide Magashi was killed yesterday evening with a firearm in the maternity yard of Pristina. The perpetrator is suspected to be her husband, Sokol Halili, who is still on the run.

The deceased Magashi had reported to the Police that she had been raped many times by her ex-husband Sokol Halili.

She had stated that in every visit she had made to her family, she had been under the presence of her mother-in-law and the close observation of her husband.

In addition to the violence, Magashi had also stated that he handed over every salary he earned from his work in the Municipality of Ferizaj to his husband, thus also paying traffic fines.

Hamide Magashi had stated that he had been threatened with a weapon several times. All these claims were denied by the suspect Sokol Halili.

After these statements, at the end of July of this year, the house of the suspect Sokol Halili was raided. During the search, two weapons were found in his possession, one hunting rifle with an expired license and a gas pistol. After being questioned about these seized weapons, the suspect was released in a regular procedure by order of the prosecutor Rasim Maloku.

In September of this year, Sokol Halili was sentenced to a fine of 300 euros for carrying weapons without a permit. In addition to the charge of armed robbery without permission, in August of this year Sokol Halili was also charged with the criminal offense of intimidation, where the case is being handled.